What is the concept of CrossFit?

It is a popular direction of active fitness in a circular mode (exercises follow one after another, with a minimum break). By their nature, such workouts are as close as possible to the mechanics of human movement in ordinary life.
The main advantage of CrossFit training for beginners is the combination of strength workouts with high-intensity cardio. This is useful both for enhancing the relief and elasticity of the muscles, increasing the overall fit of the body, and burning fat.
It is a difficult but insanely exciting workout. The task of a reasonable coach is to correctly create a program that will not only be effective but also help athletes enjoy what they are doing, and come to class with interest and excitement.

What is special about CrossFit for children?

It is also applicable for kids’ training. There are many special universal training complexes designed for kids. These classes are fundamentally distinct in the principles of organizing each workout, taking into account the age and physical health of the child. The main goal of such physical education provides for the full and proper development of the growing child’s organism while eliminating excessive, unbearable loads.
Children’s workouts are not only useful but also interesting, harmless. No child in the group will be so tired that they cannot perform their usual daily home and school tasks.

Is CrossFit the same for different ages?

CrossFit for kids is not the same as for adults. When creating a children’s workout system, coaches take general physical training, a base that helps in enhancing functionality and achieving local goals. For example, if a child leads an inactive lifestyle and tends to be overweight, CrossFit helps naturally solve these problems.

Training is based on outdoor games, ball handling, running, jumping, and other activities that children love. Such complexes for kids include basic movements from physical education (squats, push-ups, pull-ups) and special ones from CrossFit (lifting the box, working with the ball).
Thus, the kids’ training is more aerobic in nature, weights are used minimally and children work with their own weight, developing endurance, agility, and coordination.

What does CrossFit give kids?

CrossFit, which is practiced by children of any age under the guidance of a professional trainer of the iGym fitness club, gives the following result:

  • significant improvement in physical fitness;
  • increased endurance, muscle strength;
  • correct development of posture;
  • discipline of each child and teamwork;
  • development of coordination, agility, flexibility.

Often, such workouts for teenagers and young children is seen as a preparatory stage for subsequent classes in a more complex, special sport. In the process of training, the skills necessary for a good result are formed, so the child feels more comfortable and confident during classes with higher and more precise loads.

What does Crossfit training include?

Even a year difference in the age of children is of great importance. Therefore, when organizing groups, a fitness club trainer must carefully select children so that they are comfortable and interested in doing it. Sets for 5-years old kids and adolescents are radically different, it may include: squats; shuttle run; exercises for accuracy of coordination and agility; stick jumping; platform jumping; fitball exercises, etc. This list is far from complete, each complex for each group is developed individually.

The main task of this training system for kids is the harmonious physical development of the child, involving him in an active lifestyle when movement becomes a natural need, not a punishment. Agility, endurance, coordination are the main qualities that your child will develop while doing CrossFit. He’ll become physically stronger, will learn to work in a team and find joy in being active, and will become more self-confident.